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Zenith Industries is one of the world's foremost manufacturer, and exporter of diesel engine glow plugs Established in 1999, the entire business operations are led by Mr. Pritam Singh under his superior and expert guidance. Having a strong presence in the markets of entire world for after market and OEM customers Zenith has transformed the lives of people through its wide assortment of glow plugs. We also develop the glow plugs as per customer sample or drawing specification. The glorious journey of two decades, since its inception, is enough to describe the success story of the organization.

One of the most widely admired company and led by truly professionals, Zenith has successfully expanded its business across the globe. The successful voyage of business expansion tells a lot about the organization. Within a very short span of time, Zenith has become the expert in manufacturing and supplying diesel engine glow plugs. Believing – or even just hoping – that we can deliver something different or something of highest quality have been the mantra for Zenith Industries.

We are thriving to improve the quality of products at every level by complying the latest quality standards existing in the market. We are recognized as the pioneer and trustworthy name in the global market with quality engine glow plugs. With an aim to focus on international market we had already target several countries with quality products. Oftentimes, you might heard customers asking could there be a more perfect product? After all, the whole point of manufacturing quality product is not what is being manufactured, but it should serve the purpose of customers. That's where we are strong as a manufacturing unit!

.......Two decades of rich experience !

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  • *Images and Part No. are only for references
    *Images and Part No. are only for references


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