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Zenith Glow Plugs Industries was established in 1993 by Mr. Pritam Singh Saini, a engineering graduate as a tiny industrie to manufacture of glow plugs ( Heater Plugs) industry. As a result of his vision and industrial experience, Zenith Glow Plugs Industries reputation as manufacturers of high Quality Glow Plugs (Heater Plugs). Company acquired ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2005 which further established its reputation in the Industry. The Company Started Exports of Glow plugs (Heater Plugs) in 2003 and since then has exported to many Countries like Italy, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Netherland, New zeeland, Australia, Shrilanka, Mogadishu, Ghana, Turkey, Iran, UAE and South Africa. Success of Zenith Glow Plugs Industries is purily based on hard work, will to succeed and a passion of excel. Zenith Glow Plugs Industries has a world class state of the Art production facility, where a highly trained work force, delivers the high goal as envisaged by the management. The lebel of Commitment is Phenomenal. The Work Standards are the best in the industry Which is significantly represented by the quality parameters adhered to. best in the industry Which issignificantly represented by the quality parameters adhered to.

Glow Plugs

Glow plugs and the injection nozzle are installed in the pre combustion chamber of the cylinder head. The glow plug (heater plug) is turned on when you turn on the ignition switch. On some equipment a light on the dashboard signals that the glow plug is cycling which signals you to wait between 3 to 5 seconds before cranking the engine. The heat, created by electrical resistance in the glow plug, heats the fuel and air mixture, thus it is also known as a "Heater Plug". The heat generated by the glow plug and the heat generated by compression allow the fuel to ignite.

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