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Glow Plug

Zenith Industries is one of the world's foremost manufacturer, and exporter of diesel engine glow plugs Established in 1999, the entire business operations are led by Mr. Pritam Singh under his superior and expert guidance. Having a strong presence in the markets of entire world for after market and OEM customers Zenith has transformed the lives of people through its wide assortment of glow plugs. We also develop the glow plugs as per customer sample or drawing specification. The glorious journey of two decades, since its inception, is enough to describe the success story of the organization.

What is Glow Plug


A glowplug is a heating device used to prop starting diesel machines. In cold weather, high speed diesel motors can be difficult to start because the mass of the cylinder block and cylinder head soak the heat of compression, preventing ignition due to the higher surface- to- volume rate. Pre-chambered engines make use of small electric heaters inside thepre-chambers — glow plugs — while the direct-injected engines have these glow plugs in the combustion chamber.
The glowplug is a pencil- shaped piece of device with a heating coil at the tip. This heating coil, when electrified, heats due to its electrical resistance and begins to emit light in the visible spectrum, hence the term "glow plug". The visual effect is very similar to that of a toaster oven.
The diesel injector spray pattern then impinges directly upon the hot tip of the glow plug during the injection of diesel at top dead center. This enables the diesel to burn even when the engine is insufficiently hot for normal operation. This reduces the cranking time needed to start the diesel motor.


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